Initial Headline

Compelling Subheadline

Include a powerful opening statement that incites curiosity about your business. Consider making a warm welcome statement if a bold intro is not aligned with your brand. 

Include a brief, supporting statement here, aiming to express an understanding of your potential customer’s/client’s needs and make it clear that you have the solutions they seek. 

Section Headline

Relevant Subheadline

Place another paragraph here that supports the initial statements made above. Aim to express an understanding of the needs of your potential customer or client and make it clear that you have the solutions they seek.

Keep these text sections fairly short since viewers tend to subliminally prefer brief sections of information and the layout is designed accordingly.


Section Headline

Relevant Subheadline

Think of your home page as a guide to the rest of your site; a place to show the visitor where they can go next. Generally, your primary goal is to persuade visitors to either purchase your products or hire you to render services.

Featured Detail #1

Continue describing details you want to highlight about your business or your offers.

Featured Detail #2

These three icon-boxes are meant to break up the details visually for your viewers...

Featured Detail #3

While still keeping them focused on reading more about your business or your offers.


Opt-In Headline

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Products & Services


If you offer products, services or both, you can highlight some of your offerings here. If you only offer one type or the other, you can simply remove whichever section is not needed and make any minor adjustments to the padding-top as needed.


Persuasive Call-To-Action


Add a persuasive sentence here to encourage viewers to reach out to you.