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But Before You Go…

A tripwire serves as a bridge between the landing page (where your potential customer becomes a viable lead) and the sales page (where you present your core offer to your lead). A benefit-focused description about the offer should be placed here. 

Section Headline

You need to convince your viewers that the tripwire offer is a great option. Include any additional details needed to persuade the viewer to make the purchase offered. Describe the details or terms of the tripwire offer here.


Section Headline

Describe a few additional features and highlights of your tripwire offer.

Section Headline

Make sure you emphasize how it enhances or supports the opt-In or offer they acted upon from the Landing Page.


Assurance Statement

Your potential buyers are craving assurance that their purchase will be worthwhile. Ease their concern with a quality assurance or guarantee. Consider adding your logo or another trust-inducing graphic such as a guarantee badge.

Include A Persuasive Call To Action Here.



No thank you. This offer isn’t what I need.